Heya heroes! Leiz here, and I'm a new author of this amazing and awesome blog! Now I'll show you my pic:
Then here's some info:
1.I love playing the most amazing virtual world eva......SPACE HEROES UNIVERSE!
2.LOLZ, Many wanted to add me on SHU 'cause that's because everyone knows I'm an author on Choc's blog.
3.Justice Girl is my BFF!
4.If you would like to visit my website, 
Click HERE to visit www.leizcheatsshu.weebly.com
So heroes! Comment below on what you thought of me joining this cool blog!
Justice Girl
4/26/2013 10:24:56

WELKS TO THE TEAM! I hope you like my site - enjoy your posting, and your the best ;D

4/28/2013 13:22:31

Thank you soo much! I invited you on my site as author:D >_<


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    Justice Girl

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